Case Study: Optimizing (SEO) for Your Advantage


The Challenge: A highly credentialed entrepreneur sought to expand speaking and consulting opportunities. Despite multiple web sites, a clearly defined niche and high-value content, she rarely appeared in search results as expert in her fields.

The Process: Working together by phone, we clarified objectives, mapped out initial strategies for each, and discussed the options, priorities, and time frames. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was found to be misaligned and underutilized for her targeted audience and services. SEO keywords were refined and content slightly altered to improve position in search engine results.

Project Elements: Consulting, competitive analysis, keyword analysis, content review, content editing, ongoing monitoring and measurement of progress (web traffic, ranking).

The Results: Repositioned for maximum exposure through her sites and blog, this client experienced significantly higher page views, higher rankings in search engine results, improved Alexa, and broadening Facebook as well as Twitter audience. She was able to more confidently explore new venues for professional engagement along with new relationships in her field.

Follow-up: Periodic feedback sessions allowed for monitoring progress, reviewing content for alignment to goals, and identifying additional opportunities.