Case Study: Growth Through Social Media


The Challenge: An executive in a specialized management consulting practice sought to expand business through social media PR. His company had no online dialog with clients, partners, prospects, or the press.

The Process: Assessing the characteristics of his organization and its stakeholders, we identified optimal channels to expand his network and open lines of communication. This included clients, industry influencers, potential partners, and press. LinkedIn, Twitter, and professional communities were used as venues for increasing awareness of his company’s services, participation in upcoming events, as well as managing his online reputation.

Project Elements: Consulting, competitive analysis, research, strategic media selection, social media management, business writing, ongoing monitoring and measurement of progress.

The Results: Expanded presence outside this executive’s usual regional network; expanded dialog with specific communities; increased visibility to press; additional publication opportunities highlighting his expertise and his company’s services. All considered “conversions” that were facilitated by expanded national reputation and relationship building through specific social media channels.

Follow-up: Progress was monitored via email, phone meetings, and various analytics.